July 15, 2017


Friendship is a rare thing.

Most people are just.. the people we work with, the people we study with, or the people we hang with. We mistake them as friends.

We do things with them without a shared connection.

But friendship has that connection. It's built based on connection, trust, and respect. Those are what make you want to show love.

Talking about love doesn't always mean talking about falling in love. It's different. You can show love without having a romantic feeling towards someone. Love is an act, it's not a feeling, bruh. It's what you need to show to everyone, and mostly, to the people you share the connection with.

Love is about asking why and what we can help to make someone's day a bit brighter.
Love is when you tell someone to be careful.
Love is about how to be always there when they need you.
Love is listening to their blabbers.
Love is forgiving, and understanding.
Love is to put yourself before them.
Love is to think about their needs, too. Not only your own.

See. It doesn't always have to involve a romantic feeling.

if you're lucky,
one day you can share that connection and show the love you have to someone very special, until the very end of your life. That someone you share this journey with in a very deep connection and, of course, romantically. Yeah, all the butterflies and endless thought about them.

Deep connection comes with deep trouble. You get to be so involved in someone's life, emotion, and feelings. Ugh, I know.. I don't know if I could cope with that too, but the thought about having this kind of adventure really excites me.

Okay, let's get back to this friendship thing.

I  always think I have so many friends in my life, while apparently, they're not friends. It took 20-ish years of my life to finally realize that I'm an introverted-extrovert and it plays a big role in my friendship field.

People say I'm such a friendly creature. Well.... I am (I guess?). It's just nice to be nice, to have all the positive energy around you. But why, I often get so lonely? Like, I have no one to share my story?

I am now 26 years old. I am fully understand what friendship means. I have.. *counting* ..approx 5 people in my life whom I can share literally almost everything. And thankfully, they want to listen to me. And I want to listen to them, too! See, that's mutual and now I tell you; it's rare that I want to listen to people sincerely & effortlessly. So when I find myself sitting down listening to someone and know that I can share my story, too.. that's friendship.

Five is not a big number, I know..
But I'm happy with it. I'm thankful.
It's enough.

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