Hello. I'm Valencia.
Professionally, I'm a producer. I create content. I make events and shows.

Previously, I worked for Metro TV for 4 years. I was a Production Assistant for Newstainment Dept. That means I created shows & gimmicks for variety shows & talkshows, not news. So, please, don't ask me about politic or editorial matters. On my last 6-months there, I was promoted to be a Junior Producer. I was the producer for By The Way, HUT 17 Metro TV #cerdasmelihat Tokoh Nasional, and (briefly) OpiniON.

I graduated from STIKOM The London School of Public Relations Jakarta in 2013. When I was still in uni, I also worked as a Social Media Expert for PT Nutrifood Indonesia and then Social Media Specialist for DesignCub3- a design & digital agency.

Currently, I'm a producer in Narasi Citra Sahwahita. We are content-creator under Narasi ID, or you may know it as Mata Najwa Team.

I love tea, cats, and MBTI- an E/INFP here (yep, I'm an ambivert).
Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest: @lulalen